Vorbeck Materials Debuts Flexible Battery Straps

June 12, 2014

JESSUP, Md. -- Business travelers, students, and outdoor enthusiasts now have a comfortable and convenient option to power devices when they are on the go, with the newly released Vor-Power™ flexible battery strap by Vorbeck Materials. "Vor-Power straps offer a light-weight, comfortable, power source that can be attached to any existing bag strap and provide about 50 hours of additional talk or surf time," stated Joseph Roy-Mayhew, Manager of the Vor-Power product line. Capable of charging smartphones up to 5 times, the rechargeable Vor-Power™ padded shoulder strap comes with two USB outputs and a micro USB cable output as well as pockets for your phone and credit cards.

According to venture investor and frequent traveler Ben DuPont, "Every time I travel, I find myself searching airports for outlets to charge my phone and tablet. The Vor-Power™ strap is incredibly convenient, providing the extra power that I need right on the bag that I am carrying while keeping my phone accessible." The Vor-Power strap™ is water-resistant and can survive drops of over 80 feet making it one of the most rugged power packs on the market.

Recently featured on several morning news programs as a great tech gift for Dads and Grads, the Vor-Power™ strap is available on the company’s online store, and will be carried in university-stores and other select retail locations this Fall. Vor-Power™ is available in black, with ballistic grade fabric and breathable AirMesh padding. Custom versions with company logos or messages are also available. Vorbeck assembles Vor-Power™ products at their Howard County, Maryland facility.

"The Vorbeck team challenged the notion that all batteries need to be 'bricks', and the result is a convenient and robust power source," offered Vorbeck’s President John Lettow. "The Vor-Power strap links our company’s work in ultra-flexible, wearable electronics, with our experience in advanced battery technology."

The Vor-Power strap is the first of a new line of flexible portable power solutions to be released by Vorbeck Materials. These offerings build upon the company’s diverse portfolio, which includes Vor-ink™ graphene-based conductive inks that debuted in 2009, and Vor-flex™ graphene-reinforced rubber products that launched January 2014.

About Vorbeck Materials Corp.

Vorbeck Materials Corp. is a global leader in developing real-world applications enabled by the Nobel Prize winning material, graphene, and associated technologies. Built on pioneering work licensed from Princeton University, Vorbeck’s innovations include the world's first commercial graphene product, Vor-ink™, a graphene-based conductive ink for printed electronic applications. Products using Vor-ink™ circuits are available in major retail chains today. Vorbeck Materials has been named one of “America’s Next Top Energy Innovators” by the U.S. Department of Energy, and has received numerous national and international awards for technology and product development, including an R&D 100 Award in 2012, and the World Technology Award for Materials Technology in 2011 sponsored by the World Technology Network in association with TIME, Fortune Magazine, CNN, Science Magazine, Technology Review, and Kurzwel.

Further information is available at www.vor-power.com, www.vorbeck.com, or by emailing info@vorbeck.com.