Vorbeck Materials: America's Next Top Energy Innovator

January 19, 2010

JESSUP, MD.  The Department of Energy has selected Vorbeck Materials to compete with thirty-six other companies to be America's Next Top Energy Innovator. The award will be selected by on-line public voting . The winner will be announced at the Arpa-E summit in Washington, D.C. Feb 27-29. Vorbeck, in partnership with the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL) and Princeton University, is working to rapidly commercialize next generation lithium ion batteries, which are widely used in laptops and smartphones and to power electric vehicles. The new innovation would use Vorbeck's patented graphene technology to enable major improvements in the performance of lithium ion batteries.

High performance batteries developed by PNNL using Vorbeck's patented graphene technology have produced the highest energy storage capacity on record. Batteries using graphene have significantly faster recharge rates than current rechargeable batteries, allowing smartphones and other consumer devices powered by these batteries to charge in 10 minutes and last for 24 hours of active use. With the new battery chemistries, electric cars with a current range of 100 miles after 10-12 hours of recharge will have a range of 400 miles.
Vorbeck, in collaboration with PNNL and Princeton, is working to rapidly bring this new technology to market. Vorbeck is partnering with Hardwire LLC to integrate the new batteries into hybrid military vehicles and is collaborating with companies to incorporate the new technology in toys, tools, and commercial vehicles. Vorbeck is the only company in the world with graphene-based products on the market today. Products using Vorbeck's graphene-based circuits have already been sold in major retail chains.
About Vorbeck Materials

Vorbeck Materials Corp. is a technology company established in 2006 to manufacture and develop applications using Vor-x™, Vorbeck's patented graphene material developed at Princeton University. Vorbeck launched the world's first commercial graphene product with the introduction of Vor-ink™, a graphene-based conductive ink for electronics applications. Products using Vor-ink™ circuits are available in major retail chains today. Vorbeck Materials is the first and only company to receive EPA approval for the commercial production and sale of graphene-based products.

Further information is available at www.vorbeck.com or by emailing info@vorbeck.com.