Vorbeck Materials Closes Series 3 Round of Financing

December 12, 2011

JESSUP, Md. — Vorbeck Materials Corp. announced today that it has completed a fully subscribed series 3 financing, which closed December 9, 2011, with a total value of $10 million. Black Powder, LLC and Fairbridge Venture Partners, LP led the round, which included 15 additional investors.

Vorbeck uses a new materials technology, graphene, to enable transformational innovations in industries ranging from consumer goods to aerospace. Vorbeck is the leading manufacturer of high-quality, single sheet graphene. Vorbeck is the first company in the world with graphene-based products in the market. Vorbeck is also the first and only company to receive EPA approval for the commercial production and sale of graphene-based products.

Vorbeck will use the financing to expand sales of Vor-ink™™, Vorbeck'’s graphene-based conductive ink for printed electronics. Vor-ink™, the world’'s first commercial product using graphene, is enabling new mass-market applications in highly conductive and flexible electronics for security, medical diagnostics, building infrastructure and aerospace.

Vorbeck and MeadWestvaco, the global packaging company, recently won the IDTechEx Product Development Award for the best new product in printed electronics for their work developing the Siren™, anti-theft packaging incorporating Vor-ink™ circuitry. Packages using the Siren™ device are on the shelves of major retailers today.

About Vorbeck

Vorbeck is a technology company established in 2006 to manufacture and develop applications using Vor-x™™, Vorbeck'’s patented graphene material developed at Princeton University.

Further information is available at www.vorbeck.com or by emailinginfo@vorbeck.com.