Wearable Technology

It's not science fiction; it's engineered innovation tailor-made for the world's most recognized brands.

Graphene is enabling the development of break-through, cost-effective wearable technology that is rapidly changing how we interact with the world around us.

There is no denying that consumers are clamoring for more and more wearable technology. Technologies that were previously science fiction are now becoming available on store shelves and finding their way into our daily lives.  At Vorbeck we are leading the charge in wearable technology, partnering with some of the most respected and recognized brands in consumer apparel and goods to develop remarkable products that will make the lives of consumers easier and richer.

We have developed widely applicable products from flexible heaters to biosensors that can be designed measure anything from heart rate to impact rate. Our patented Vor-ink™’s mechanical resilience and anti-corrosive formulations enable the manufacture of remarkably cost-efficient, fully washable printed circuits that can withstand high heat and forces of industrial washers and dryers.

Our ink films are integrated using standard heat-sealing processes, enabling fully integrated wearable electronics without special equipment or extraneous procedures. If you would like to learn more about our experience, or how we can help you design, develop, and manufacture a wearable for your target consumers, contact us today.