FAQ's for RFID

1. Will Vor-tags work with commercially available RFID readers?

Yes, our RFID tags are EPCglobal Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C) compliant and work with commercially available UHF RFID readers and encoders such as Impinj Speedway, Thingmagic M6, and Motorola MC9190.


2. How much information can be stored in the tags?

The storage capacity of RFID tags is determined by the IC of the tags. Our standard tags come with 96 bit or 128 bit IC which allows for storage of product identification code such as UPC, serial or part numbers. Custom tags can be incorporated with high memory IC to allow for storage capacity up to 8192 bits.


3. Do Vor-tags function globally?

Yes, Vor-tags are designed to be operational at frequencies from 860-960 MHz, covering most UHF RFID frequencies.