Vor-x® Graphene is enabling the development of game-changing engineered elastomers

At Vorbeck we are designing, developing and delivering engineered elastomers with a broad range of industry leading partners today!

Incorporating Vor-x® into our patented Vor-flex™ formulations for rubber products enables them to deliver exceptional strength, stiffness, durability, conductivity, and increased operating temperature. We can provide Vor-flex™ master batches and complete formulations for a range of elastomeric systems, including natural rubber and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

Vor-flex™ offers enhanced performance for critical components in tires, fuel systems, flexing systems such as diaphragms, and demanding down-hole applications in oil & gas exploration just to name a few areas.

Vor-flex™ 50 is a temperature and chemical resistant hydrogenated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber available in sheet form in a variety of commercially relevant sizes and thicknesses. Vor-x® graphene provides Vor-flex™ 50 with extreme strength at low deformation (higher modulus) and the ability to withstand temperature spikes far above the rated working temperature.

Typical Vor-flex™ 50 properties:

  • Nominal Tensile Strength: 3500 PSI
  • Working Temperature:  0 - 325 ˚F
  • Durometer (hardness): 90 ± 5 (Shore A)
  • Elongation: 180%
  • 25Modulus: 800 PSI
  • Density: 1.18


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