Next Generation Battery Development

Vor-x® graphene expands the limit of energy storage technology with lithium sulfur batteries and flexible battery straps.

Through our efforts to revolutionize the energy landscape, Vorbeck Materials has been named America’s Next Top Energy Innovator, captured a 2012 R&D 100 Award, and is a current ARPE-E Awardee on next-generation battery technologies.

At Vorbeck, we believe in not only having the best materials to enable the most advanced technologies, but also using these to create practical devices which seamlessly incorporate electronics into your everyday life.

Vor-Charge™ – Next Generation Battery Development

Vorbeck, in partnership with Pacific Northwest Nationals Laboratory and Princeton University, is commercializing next generation lithium ion batteries incorporating Vorbeck's Vor-x® graphene technology. Graphene is strong, thin, and highly conductive, and the unique surface chemistry of Vor-x® maximizes these advantages. Using Vor-x® has produced record-breaking performance improvements: increasing capacity, cycle life, and providing twice as much power with faster charging and discharging in traditional Li-ion batteries. It is also an enabling technology for next-generation batteries such as the lithium-sulfur and lithium-air chemistries.