About Vorbeck

Vorbeck is the global leader in graphene products and solutions and is now bringing products to market with some of the most well recognized brands and institutions in the world.

As the first company with EPA approval to sell commercial graphene-based products, Vorbeck has the capability to integrate this groundbreaking material seamlessly into products that are ready to ship. In terms of pure capacity, our team has the largest production capability of high-quality graphene anywhere in the world.

Vorbeck’s patented technology is based on single-atom thick graphene sheets: it has applicability for Antennas, RFID, Wearables, Next Generation Battery Development, Composites, and Conductive Inks

Products at Vorbeck are based on two core technologies Vor-x® as a multi-functional additive and Vor-ink™ as a preferred solution for new and existing applications in the printed electronics industry through its ease of processing, durability, and exceptional conductivity.

Our Awards & Recognition

  • 2012 USDE "America's Next Top Energy Innovator" Award
  • 2012 R&D 100 Award
  • 2012 Under Armour Innovation Challenge
  • 2011 Printed Electronics USA, Product Development
  • 2010 World Technology Award