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Vor-power ™ battery packs, designed using Vorbeck's unique flexible battery technology, allow you to charge your devices in any situation, anywhere. These packs are just like your cushioned shoulder strap, except with power - just attach around the strap of your bag. This way, you have power with you wherever you go, ready to charge your cell phones, tablets, cameras, E-readers, and more. Engineered to be lightweight, yet durable, these rechargeable packs are great for the busy business traveler, the connected student, and the outdoors adventurer. Order yours today to never frantically search for an outlet again. Read the latest news on the Vor-Power™ Battery Straps.

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  • Flexible - allows the battery strap to fit around your shoulder. 
  • Durable - fully functional after being dropped from over 100 ft, or after being run over by a car.  
  • Comfortable - airmesh padding provides a soft, breathable cushion for your shoulder. 
  • Powerful - enough to add 50 hours of talk or surf time. 
  • Charge-indicator lights - displays the amount of charge remaining. 
  • Phone pocket - elastic pocket can securely fit phones as large as the Galaxy Note.  
  • Card pocket - conveniently store your identification and credit cards. 
  • Water resistant - no need to worry about rainy days. 
  • Designed and assembled in the USA.





  • Capacity: 7,200 mAh of lithium-ion technology.
  • Weight: 1 pound.
  • Charging ports: two USB (2 A, 1 A) and one micro-USB (1 A).
  • Input: 5V micro-USB

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