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Vorbeck and Bluewater Defence introduce wearable antennas at AUSA

October 14, 2015

Soldier Systems reports on the wearable antennas introduced by Bluewater Defense and Vorbeck at the AUSA Annual Meeting.

"The technology is a printed graphene broadband antenna on a thin substrate that can be encapsulated between pieces of fabric for concealment into clothing or equipment.  Testing indicates it doubles the range of a cell phone."

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Vorbeck featured in a Voice of America segment on graphene

March 22, 2015

Voice of America video features Vorbeck and its products, including conductive inks, printed electronics, antennas, RFIDs, wearables, and microphones.

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Vorbeck quoted in a Chemical and Engineering News  article on the use of graphene in supercapacitors

February 2, 2015

"Graphene maker Vorbeck is hoping that the time is coming for its materials in supercapacitors, according to President John Lettow. The firm licensed its graphene technology from Princeton University and is now working with the school on supercapacitor development."

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Washington Post article highlights Vorbeck's wearable technology

January 1, 2015

 The Washington Post highlights Vorbeck's wearable technology products on display at the Consumer Electronics Show, including mass produced apparel and full-body suits for racecar drivers.

"The company’s president, John Lettow, declined to share the names of Vorbeck’s business customers, but he said the company has been working with wearable technology for two to three years. “We’ve really been working to refine technology for true mass production in the apparel industry,” he said. Instead of a “T-shirt that can monitor all kinds of things but costs $300,” Vorbeck aims to help businesses reduce the price to, say, $30 or $40."

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U.S. Senator Ben Cardin visits Vorbeck Materials on "Made in Maryland" Jobs tour

 July 18, 2014

U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) visited Vorbeck as part of his "Made in Maryland" jobs tour.

 “'Vorbeck Materials is at the forefront of turning science fiction into a reality while creating quality jobs for Marylanders. Through innovation and a strong commitment to their employees, Vorbeck is a part of the reason why Maryland is a national hub for high-tech jobs. I want to ensure that the federal government continues to be a partner, not an obstacle, to their growth,' said Senator Cardin."

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Vorbeck and Vor-ink featured in Printed Electronics World article on using graphene for printed electronics

February 17, 2014

 "Less than two years ago, the only mention of using graphene for printing anything was in scientific and patent literature. But then, Vorbeck came out with their Vor-Ink series, and for the first time one could order a bucket of conductive graphene paint online. Vorbeck also patented graphene  for use in conductive inks. Vorbeck's president appeared on BBC news, causing a graphene investment spree in the UK."

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Vorbeck's president, John Lettow, is interviewed by Globo News, Brazil's leading news program

October 22, 2013

Watch here: Cem mil vezes mais fino que fio de cabelo, grafeno é aposta para o futuro


CNN Money/Fortune video discusses Vorbeck's graphene battery technology

March 4, 2013

Watch here: The secret to making better batteries




Vorbeck wins Daily Record Innovator of the Year award

June 20, 2012

The Daily Record has recognized Vorbeck with its Innovator of the Year award as a Maryland company that has "created a product, service or process that has had a positive effect on [its] business, industry or community."

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